2022 Luxury
Digital Planner

midnight desert

desert rose

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Choose from 2 fully developed color palettes: "Midnight Desert" and "Desert Rose."

You will find the colors reflected in the cover, interface, and sticker collection.

The color codes are included on the "Instructions" page of your planner so that you can create more personalized inserts and stickers of your own to match the theme.

Enjoy two monthly spreads: the monthly calendar, and the monthly overview (including special dates, monthly goals, and top priorities for the month.)

The weekly spread includes habit & weather trackers, top priorities, and a to-do list.

Last, but not least, the daily spread includes your schedule, morning/bedtime routines, meals, self care details and your own personal doodling area.

Your new planner includes 647 pages. It is fully dated complete with yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily spreads for the FULL YEAR.

From each monthly page you can jump directly to each week. From each week you can jump to each day. Then return to the weekly spread.

All of the essentials can be found in the tabs available on EVERY page.

From basic doodling and note-taking spreads to more detail-oriented and themed spreads you can find it all here.

Build a vision board, check off your seasonal bucket list, plan for a party or vacation, or save your usernames & passwords in one place.

Find 850+ stickers right in your planner, as well as the incuded pngs to use in apps other than Goodnotes.

The basic planning stickers are included in all 7 colors. You will also find goal setting, self care, household, health, finance, and holiday themed stickers that blend seamlessly with the color palette.

Organize your planners and notebooks by color coding each one. Enjoy the choice between 7 linen covers that match the aesthetic of your preferred planner.

The crowning jewel of your new luxury planner is the use of systems. Plan your personal goals, self care needs, household maintenance, health and wellness, finances, and down time in these pre-organized systems.

Each system includes careful steps to make a vision for the year and execute it in your calendar seamlessly.


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A complete 2021 planner in the "Midnight Desert" color palette. Functional in Goodnotes. Includes PDF & PNG files. For more information, see the "features" section above.

Midnight Desert - 2022


Desert Rose - 2022

A complete 2022 planner in the "Desert Rose" color palette. Functional in Goodnotes. Includes PDF & PNG files. For more information, see the "features" section above.

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