The Verdélian Chronicles

Daughter of Water

book 1 of 4

Twenty years ago, the land of Verdélys was plunged into war when a group of insurrectionist imps rose up to slay the newly born Firstborn, four Verdélian children destined to take up the mantle of the Verdélian royalty.

From her home far to the East in the human village of Hull, such things are unknown to Heidi, a young woman who lives with her parents on the outskirts of town. In Hull, the Verdélia are a myth, a tale of unnatural creatures and witchcraft. A myth, that is, until a peculiar stranger appears at Heidi’s cottage home and coaxes a secret from her father Remi: Heidi is a Verdélian, brought as a child to Hull under desperate circumstances twenty years prior.

Guided by fate, Heidi—who discovers she is one of four members of Verdélian royalty—travels to the magical city of Verdélys, capital of the fabled Verdélia. There she meets the other Firstborn: the outgoing and sociable Gaëtan, the reserved and duty-driven Loïc, and Margot, a young woman born as an imp, but a Firstborn all the same.

Caught up in her new world, Sylvie must learn quickly if she is to fulfill her role among the Verdélia. But Sylvie soon finds she may be up against more than learning the customs and culture of the Verdélia, for the same forces that orphaned Sylvie as a baby are on the move once more… 





Father of Fire

book 2 of 4

Synopsis coming soon.

Mother of Earth

book 3 of 4

Synopsis coming soon.

Son of the Sky

book 4 of 4

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