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Take intricate notes based on your patriarchal blessings with different prompts to spark your pondering. 

We've also included notes on personal blessings and healing blessings for you to record as you receive them!

Record promptings from your daily prayers and takee note of revelation you receive in relation to your physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. 

Learn how you "hear Him."

"Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he shall direct thee for good."

Keep record of family counsels, couple counsels, and counsels with your children.

Start your week off by planning FHE, family scripture study, and Come, Follow Me lessons.

Study the basic doctrines and principles and teach your children what you have learned.

Enjoy 5 separate digital journals for each book of scripture: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.

Each includes a reading chart so you know what you have studied and what you still have to look forward to.

Take 4 steps to prepare for conference by recording you questions, studying "The Living Christ," pondering how you "Hear Him," and inviting others to be blessed by the prophets' teachings.

Record your thoughts on each talk, write down your testimony, and make a plan for how to liken the prophets words to you!

Use different linen covers to differentiate between your notebooks & decorate your pages with matching stickers (135+)!


Excludes "Blessing Book," "Come, Follow Me," and "Conference Book." Can be used on an iPad or MAC using the Goodnotes App.

Christian Journal Kit


Includes all of the above features and can be used on an iPad or MAC using the Goodnotes App.

Latter-Day Saint Journal Kit

Digital Watercolor Bible Stickers

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