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From daily and weekly schedules to lesson plans and attendance, use thee teacher panel to keep track of these homeschooling plans.

Build a vision for your family and your "school." Keep your budget under control and create guidelines and requirements for courses and graduation that meet your state's legal requirements.

Keep track of your child's interests through extracurriculars and field trips. 

Never forget login information for any students.

Keep track of your children's progress. Make sure that their class choices, electives, and extracurriculars are leading to personal growth and meeting their individual needs!

Use the "homeschool" digital stickers throughout the Homeschool Planner or your own digital planner to keep track of your family's or child's essays, online classes, vacations, and more!

Take advantage of the editable homeschool report card, high school transcript, and course description template for portfolios. These are available as Google Docs and Pages templates. 

Also included are reading lists, and supply list, elective ideas, and "day off" activities.

Use different covers to differentiate between your children's portfolios!


Includes all of the above features and can be used on an iPad or MAC using the Goodnotes App.

Luxury Digital Homeschool Kit

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